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3D Printers

We have a pair of Lulzbot Taz5 printers with all the bells and whistles, one of which has been retrofitted with extrusion-based paste printing capabiltiies for printing shear-thinning ceramic or metal pastes. We're always expanding these capabilites, so just ask for the latest!

Tape Casters

Two different continuous tape casters give us the opportunitiy to cast ceramic tapes with thicknesses from ~1-500um. A screen printer allows us to print custom patterns to stack into multilayer capacitors, LTCC sheets,  structures or other multilayer features.

Planetary Mill

Mills and Presses

Several mills including a Roller (Ball) Mill, Planetary Mill, Spex Mill, Attrition (Bead) Mill, and 3-Roll Mill provide a variety of options and capabilities for mixing and particle size reduction. We also have a rotary evaporator for segregation-free drying of powders as well as uniaxial presses and a cold isostatic press (CIP) for consolidation.


We have a number of furnaces at our disposal with temperature capabilties up to 1700C in air or up to 1500C in under controlled atmosphere conditions. A motorized sample winch enables controlled high rate heating or cooling of samples in vertical tube furnaces.

Particle Characterization

In addition to simple sieves for coarse separations, we can also measure particle size distribution using a Malvern Mastersizer particle size analyzer. We also have capabilities for measuring Zeta potential, surface area, and complex rheological characteristics.

Thin Film Deposition

We have two spin coaters for thin film and/or photoresist deposition, one of which resides inside the CSM class 1000 clean room facility.  We also have access to extensive sputter and pulsed laser deposition capabilities thanks to our close collaborators at NREL.

Impedance Analysis

Any of our impedance analyzers (HP4284A, Agilent 4294A, and Solartron ModuLab) can be connected to samples in a Sun environmental chamber for measurements between -180 and +300C or in a tube furnace for measurements in any atmosphere up to 1500C.

Ferroelectric Hysteresis

With a Radiant Technologies Precision Multiferroic system integrated with a Trek 609B high voltage amplifier, we can measure ferroelectric hysteresis and a number of other related polarizatoin characteristics across a wide variety of measurement conditions.

Piezoelectric Measurements

With a Berlincourt-style meter, we can quickly and easily measure the direct piezoelectric response of macroscopic samples. An Agilent 4294A enables resonant measurements up to 110MHz. Finally, we have priority access to an Asylum MFP-3D scanning probe instrument with the high voltage PFM add-on.

Custom Electronics

With a Keithley 237 Source Measure Unit, multiple oscilloscopes, a wide variety of high and low voltage power supplies, voltmeters, pulse generators, and other miscellaneous electronics, we can build a number of custom ac, dc, or pulsed test beds.

In addition to the above capabilities in our labs, we also have full access to the facilites of the CCAC and the CSM EM Lab.

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