MTGN 272 - Particulate Materials Processing (a.k.a Field Session)

Summer session. Characterization and production of particles. Physical and interfacial phenomena associated with particulate processes. Applications to metal and ceramic powder processing. Laboratory projects and plant visits.


MTGN 412 / MLGN 512 - Ceramic Engineering

Application of engineering principles to inorganic, non-metallic materials (i.e., ceramics), with a focus on structure - processing - property relationships. This course assumes a basic understanding of chemistry, modern physics, and thermodynamics, and introduces the student to the breadth of ceramic materials and ceramic-enabled applications.


MTGN 414 / MLGN 544 - Ceramic Processing

Covers the principles of ceramic processing and the relationships between processing and microstructure. Raw materials and raw materials preparation, forming and fabrication, thermal and athermal processing techniques, and finishing of ceramic materials are covered. Principles will be illustrated by case studies on specific ceramic materials. A project to design a ceramic fabrication process is required. 


MTGN 466 - Materials Design: Synthesis, Characterization, and Selection

Application of fundamental materials-engineering principles to the design of systems for extraction and synthesis, and to the selection of materials. Systems covered range from those used for metallurgical processing to those used for processing of emergent materials. Microstructural design, characterization and properties evaluation provide the basis for linking synthesis to applications. Selection criteria tied to specific requirements such as corrosion resistance, wear and abrasion resistance, high temperature service, cryogenic service, vacuum systems, automotive systems, electronic and optical systems, high strength/weight ratios, recycling, economics and safety issues. Materials investigated include mature and emergent metallic, ceramic and composite systems used in the manufacturing and fabrication industries. Student-team design activities including oral and written reports.

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